RWDC Industries manufactures a proprietary medium chain length PHA biopolymer that is designed for use across a broad range of applications.


RWDC has developed a water-based polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) emulsion for paper and paperboard which can replace polyethylene (PE) in plastic-lined food packaging.

In customer trials, RWDC Emulsion has been shown to have superior water and oil/grease resistance.

When applied to paper packaging, RWDC Emulsion delivers an oil and grease barrier that is superior, and a liquid barrier that is equivalent to that provided by PE extrusion coating, and at a lower cost.

This new product enables a highly uniform coating profile with equipment that is much less expensive than extrusion coating equipment.

RWDC’s PHA emulsion coating is biodegradable, is made with all natural materials, and enables a more healthy alternative for food packaging and food service items.

In addition, paper and paperboard that is coated with RWDC’s PHA emulsion coating can be easily recycled in existing waste paper recycle streams.


RWDC Industries has entered into development projects for multiple thermoplastic replacement applications. These products are designed to meet the increasing global demand for biodegradable, compostable and recyclable plastic articles that are engineered to mitigate the current environmental challenges caused by petrol-based plastics.

RWDC Industries is responding to market requirements for single-use food service and food packaging applications. The unique properties and capabilities of RWDC’s proprietary PHA biopolymer technology allows for direct drop-in-replacement for existing petroleum based plastic items such as polypropylene straws, polystyrene containers and polyethylene bags.